Members of the Institute, this occasion marks our Platinum Jubilee. From the founding of this Institute under the leadership of our First President R. M Geater through to our Golden Jubilee in 1963 and onwards to this day the EAIA has grown and evolved from a membership body for practicing Architects in British East Africa to an umbrella body bringing together the respective National Architectural  Associations in the East African Community.

The object of the East Africa Institute Of Architects is the promotion and maintenance of excellence in the education and practice of Architects and Architecture in the East Africa Region.

In celebration of the EAIA’s Golden Jubilee the Institute, in 1962, established a Trust Deed setting up the EAIA Bursary Fund. Over the years the EAIA Trustees have granted numerous travelling scholarships to University students to enable them acquire knowledge of the arts and sciences connected with architecture. These trips have exposed the students to different architectural experiences and enriched their architectural designs.

In continuation of that tradition, the Trustees are providing funds for the Students’ caravan to UIA congress in Durban, August 2014. And as we move into our second century taking our practice to new heights a bit of history can give a pointer to the way forward. The excerpt at the bottom from 50 years ago is as apt today as it was then.

Lets celebrate 100 years of East African Architecture

David Mutiso, Senior Trustee EAIA Bursary Fund