Looking Back, Moving Forward

The Architectural Association of Kenya was formed with the inaugural meeting on 31st May 1967 at the Tate Room, The Stanley Hotel. This year, we celebrate AAK’s 50th Anniversary which provides a unique opportunity to show the impact of our outstanding service to our members and the nation. We request every member of AAK to make this year not only for celebrations but to create a deeper commitment to AAK’s Mission, Vision and Values as a business membership organization.

The AAK @ 50 celebrations was launched on 1st December 2016 during the AAK Presidents Dinner. This is a significant milestone in the history of AAK and the built and natural environments in Kenya. It provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our past and moving forward to an exciting future, as we continue to develop as one of Kenya’s greatest professional Association.

As we plan to celebrate Golden Jubilee, AAK has planned a series of commemorative activities including:

  • Lifetime Achievements Awards
  • A series of Exhibitions and Talks between February and November 2017
  • Production of a Commemorative Book
  • Production of Video Commemorative Documentary and Newspaper Pullout
  • Students/Children’s Competition
  • Open Firm Day for Students to interact with Practicing Professionals
  • Launch of new AAK offices at Blue Violets Plaza
  • AAK@ 50 Awards of Excellence in Architecture
  • Various Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Activities
  • Production of commemorative merchandise (see below preview of items)

We want the AAK’s 50th anniversary to be unforgettable.

What are we celebrating?

AAK’s 50th Anniversary is a chance to reconnect our members and fellow members to the beginning of AAK and generate a justifiable pride in starting the AAK and to encourage student / young members to help in building AAK’s future.

As we mark 50 years, we celebrate members of the AAK who have offered distinguished lifetime service to the built environment in their professional careers and have had positive influence in promoting professionalism in the built and natural environment, in Kenya and beyond. AAK wishes to invite nominations from all members and non-members for the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award. Through this award, AAK seeks to recognize a maximum of ten Kenyan citizens.

The nominees will, ordinarily, have a long term exceptional service (covering at least 25 years) and have made contributions that have a positive long lasting impact on the built and natural environments, in Kenya and beyond.

The AAK will celebrate the opening of the new AAK office at Blue Violet Plaza, Kindaruma, Rd Nairobi as a mark of our progress as an Association

The AAK will celebrate its member’s achievements through showcasing their work during the exhibition week in different parts of Nairobi City i.e. Nairobi National Museums of Kenya, ADD Building, University of Nairobi and The Stanley Hotel.

What support can you offer AAK?

You can provide valuable support to your Association by:

  • Contributing to AAK Office Purchase and Fit out by settling Development Levy
  • Making a voluntary contribution toward AAK Offices
  • Purchasing AAK@50 merchandise
  • Participating in AAK@50 events through the year

The Launch of AAK @ 50